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Chitrahaar is a Wedding and Lifestyle Photography Company led by three friends-Tanmoy Majumdar, Krishno Goswami, Anindya Chakraborty. They are based in Kolkata and have made a reputation for themselves in a very short span of time and with every wedding or any event they shoot, they strive to do better than the last. Tanmoy, Anindya, Krishno and their team of Photographers and cinematographers specialize in Wedding Photography and their endless endeavour is to create timeless memories for you which are beautiful, emotional, candid, off-beat and of course fun.

If you are searching for the best Photpgraphers to shoot your memorable once-in-a-lifetime event, your search comes to an end right here as Chitrahaar will put in sincere effort to capture the absolute best!

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About Chitrahaar

Although the three musketeers of Chitrahaar come from different backgrounds - Anindya, a geography teacher; Tanmoy a computer geek ; Krishno, a sportsperson - their common love for photography bind them together in an inseparable bond. It was in 2016 when they took the decision to make their passion their profession and thus, Chitrahaar came into existence.

Apart being the talented Photographers and cinematographers, they are avid travellers. They love to travel all over India. Their work had also taken them to different parts of India. Even if you are not from Kolkata, don't worry. They are ready to travel anywhere and make your beautiful day more beautiful.